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Master of Islamic Studies


This program is developed specifically to candidates without Islamic studies background.  Areas of research under this program include the above and mainly on comparative basis of candidate area of knowledge through academic qualification or work experience.  Some of special areas of research under this program include:

-    Islamic Education
-    Islamic Studies with Science
-    Islam and Social Sciences

The programme aims to produce graduates who are fully equipped with skills of data analysis, ability to conduct research in laboratory, ability to develop professionalism of Muslim Scientist, contribute to society and perform lifelong learning process. Realizing the significance of education in Islam, the Academy of Islamic Studies has continuously aspired to produce graduates that are highly intelligent, equipping them with the knowledge to not only better themselves, but to further improve the Islamic society.

  • Shariah Advisor
  • Religious Officer
  • Educators
  • Muslim scholar
  • Management/Administrator
  • Islamic Finance Officer
  • Islamic Banking Officer
  • Executive Author
  • Educator
  • Lecturer
  • Philosopher
  • Researcher
  • Motivator
  • Archeologist
  • Science Officer
  • Research Officer
  • Diplomatic and Administrative Officer
  • Entrepreneur

This Master's programme is purely based on individual supervised research. At the end of the candidate's study, a dissertation must be submitted and upon successful defence of the dissertation, the candidate will be awarded a Master degree. All research proposals must be approved and supervised by the Faculty.Candidates are required to complete their studies within 8 semesters

Before registering, international candidates who are writing their dissertation in English are required to obtain at least a band 6.0 for IELTS or a score of 550 for the paper based total, a score of 213 for computer-based total or a score of 80 for internet-based total for TOEFL if their first degree was not obtained from a university that uses English Language as the medium of instruction, or a pass in any English Language Proficiency Programme (ELP) approved by the University.
A good bachelor’s degree in any field of studies with a minimum CGPA of 3.0 or second class honours from recognized universities. This programme is offered to candidates who do not have specific degrees in Shariah or Usuluddin, but are interested to do interdisciplinary research with specialization in Islamic Studies and subject to the conditions as determined by faculty, or other qualifications approved by the Senate from time to time
  • September 2014

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