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Bachelor of Islamic Studies & Information Technology


The programme equips the students with an integrated course between Islamic Studies and Information Technology. The course aim to generate Muslim scientists in Information Technology in order to face the challenges within the Muslim community.

System Analyst, Computer Programmer, IT Officer, Project Officer, Research Officer, Lecturers, IT Teachers, JQAF/KAFA Teachers, Administrative & Diplomatic Officer

Students must complete a total of 151 credit in order to be awarded the Bachelor of Islamic Studies and Information Technology. Duration of the programme is 4 years (8 semesters).

Students must take and pass all courses/subjects comprises of:

1) University Compulsory Courses: 26 credit

2) Islamic Studies Majoring: 62 credit

·           Academy Core Courses: 11 credit

·           Programme Core Courses: 42 credit

·           Elective Courses: 9 credit

3) Information Technology Majoring: 63 credit

·           Majoring Core Courses Year 1: 12 credit

·           Majoring Core Courses Year 2: 16 credit

·           Majoring Core Courses Year 3: 17 credit

·           Final Year Project Year 4: 8 credit

·           Industrial Training Year 4: 10 credit


·           Certificate of foundation in islamic studies & science with CGPA 3.0

·           MUET band 2

RM 9,430.00 The course fee is inclusive of registration, notes, examination, insurance and other services fees.(Not inclusive of accommodation and transport)

Undergraduate International Fees (Click Here).

Last Updated: 10/03/2020