Assalamualaikum and Greetings,

Praise be to Allah SWT, the Most Beneficient and the Most Merciful. I take this opportunity to welcome all visitors to the official website of the Academy of Islamic Studies, which has been upgraded with the very latest information. Hopefully visitors to the website will be able to obtain useful and helpful information on the Academy of Islamic Studies.

The Academy of Islamic Studies, is one of the 17 faculties at the University of Malaya. It has been 30 years since the establishment of the Academy. Within this period, the Academy has undergone a number of changes and transformations. In early days of its establishment, the Academy of Islamic Studies only offered first degree programmes (Bachelor programmes). Currently, there are three major programmes offered and conferred by the Academy, namely Bachelor’s degrees in Usuluddin, Syariah and Islamic Education. The Academy has succeeded in producing a large number of graduates, who have gone on to serve for the benefit of Islam, the Ummah and the nation.

At the moment, the Academy continues to grow and has been able to offer new degree programmes, which are contemporary and in line with the current needs of the Ummah and the nation. The Academy has even taken a step forward by providing opportunities to prospective students planning to further their studies either at the Master or PhD levels at the Academy of Islamic Studies.

In the past, the students of the Academy were Malaysian citizens, but today the students of the Academy come from all parts of the world bringing along with them different backgrounds and cultures. The international students at the Academy consist of both postgraduate and undergraduate students.

This is one of the recent interesting challenges at the Academy, in terms of language for communication as well as the different cultures of the international students. In view of these challenges, the academic staff are prepared in all aspects with the aim to achieve the set targets of the Academy. I strongly believe and am confident that the academic staff of the Academy have the ability to achieve the set targets.

As one of the academies/faculties under the University of Malaya, which is a world-class research university, all the academic staff are also actively involved in research either as main researchers (principle investigators) or co-researchers. The research are conducted in various disciplines and specialisations with research funds provided either by government funds or private funds. The areas of research conducted at the Academy fall under the purview of Islamic Studies in the Arts and Humanities clusters. The funds for these research activities are from government and university funds such as the University of Malaya Research Grant (UMRG), the Ministry of Higher Education grants (for example FRGS), the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation grant (Science Fund), funds from religious bodies/institutions and others.

Our researchers at the Academy are also actively involved in multidisciplinary research and have made collaborations with other faculties within the University of Malaya as well. Therefore, we always welcome anyone who wants to conduct research collaborations with the Academy, through institutional and organisational collaboration agreements (MoU/MoA).

Thank you. Wassalam.

Yours respectfully.

Professor Dato Dr. Mohd Yakub @ Zulkifli Bin Mohd Yusoff