dr kamaruzaman noordin

Welcoming Message

Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

Congratulations on the introduction of the Academy of Islamic Studies Website which is part of current institutional needs and necessities.

Looking at the history, Department of syariah and Management (JSP) was established back in 1996. Since then, there have been hundreds of graduates from the department (Bachelor of syariah) flowing into national job market. A new program has been introduced in 2007/2008 under the name of Bachelor of Muamalat Management with the scope of the program has been since then broadened accordingly. It is hoped that the new program could generate new graduates who are well knowledgeable and skillful in the field of muamalat management. Besides that, it is also hoped that they could propagate Islam through their expertise. In the same time, JSP since its establishment, has been offering opportunities for the national and international researchers to study muamalat which is embracing many fields among others Islamic finance, Islamic banking, Islamic management, Islamic entrepreneurship, Islamic wealth management, Islamic consumerism, etc.

Today, JSP is moving forward by planning to offer new post graduate programs that are Master and PhD in Muamalat Management. Lets together we pray, so that the plan could be realized at the earliest possible time for our common benefit.


Head Deparment of Syariah and Management



The department of syariah and Management (JSP) was established in 1996 with the objective to produce managers and financial executives in the field of Islamic management and finance. At the beginning of its development, the department had only one academic staff, Associate Prof. Dr Ab. Mumin Ab. Ghani, the founder and programme coordinator. But today, JSP has eleven local and international academic staff from various fields of expertise and one administrative assistant. In 2007/2008 session, a new programme has been introduced under the name of Bachelor of Muamalat Management with the scope of the programme has been seen since then broadened accordingly. This four-year programmes was developed to produce knowledgeable graduates specifically in the area of Islamic finance, banking and business management which is in line with the objective of the country to be a leader in Islamic financial hub in the Asian region. Besides that, the department also offers postgraduate programmes such as master’s and doctoral degree. 


  1. To contribute to the country’s development by producing high skilled managers and executives that consolidates Islamic values and social responsibility in organisational management.

  2. To provide competitive Muamalat graduates that fulfils the demand from both public and private sectors.

  3. To produce experts and researchers in the fields of Muamalat, Islamic finance, banking, entrepreneurship and business management.

  4. To support UM as leading research and teaching institution in the area of Muamalat studies.