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The Department of Syariah and Law aims to be the top provider for syariah and law studies in the country and the region. Established since 1998, we see ourselves as part of a regional conversation about the study and practice of Islamic law. Our graduates occupy most of legal offices in Malaysia, including the Attorney-General, syariah judiciary department, sharie prosecution and become senior practitioners throughout Malaysia while some become partners in top law firm in Brunei. Some join academia and still others use their legal training to start new ventures in the corporate world pertaining to Islamic banking and finance, or apply their skills with language as consultant and motivator. Syariah and Law not only offers Islamic legal training, but we also teach personal and professional skills that enable our graduates to go farther in the chosen field. We offer practical and industrial training, through the chance to spend a short semester of the second and third year at various Islamic law institutions in the country and abroad. We also encourage them to participate in activities that broaden them as a person, such as the many opportunities for public service at faculty and university levels. For postgraduates, we encourage research skills by providing them opportunities to express and present their research findings and to increase their level of competency. At syariah and Law, students are encouraged to express their opinions, to share new ideas, and debate from different perspectives. The syariah and Law Society is the forum for them to chanel their skills and challenge their own limit.

Department of Syariah and Law



The Department of Syariah and Law was established during the  formation of a new Academy of Islamic Studies in 1996. The core area of the department is on Islamic laws and judiciary, with similar emphasis on Malaysian and English law. Gradually, we also venture into Islamic transaction and administration of Muslim property law and asset planning management. There are eight academic staff with various expertise in legal field and continuously active in research groups with other academic and government institutions


To fulfill the need of producing experts in syariah law which is gradually challenging and competent syariah law graduates who can resolve contemporary issues and problems affected the nation and Muslims, through quality research and publication.