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Welcoming Message

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

First and foremost I would like to congratulate and express my gratitude to the management of website Academy for giving us the space to Department of Shariah and Economic to deliver accurate and current information about the department.

In line with the mission to establish an ideal Islamic Economic studies, the administration of the Department should endeavor to equip themselves with the particular expertise in teaching and research as well as providing a comfortable infrastructure for the students here. With a strong commitment to produce more scholars in Islamic economics,various activities were also organized by the department such as workshops, seminars, discussions and so on to meet the needs of an increasingly challenging.

Therefore, hopefully with this website it could provide an opportunity for outside communities to better recognize Shariah and Economic Department that a true picture of the performance and achievements of the Department since the establishment until the present day.

Finally, let me once again express my appreciation and congratulations to all the parties involved until this website successful provided. May Almighty Allah bless this noble endeavor.


Department of Shariah and Economics



The department of Shariah and Economics, Academy of Islamic Studies, University Malaya was realized in 1996, in line with the restructuring of the Islamic Academy, the University of Malaya merged with the Department of Islamic Studies, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. Before the establishment of Shariah and Economic Department, Economic subjects were offered as an elective subject for those pursuing the Bachelor of Shariah. With only a capacity of two academic staff time (1996), Department of Shariah and Economics now took a step forward as a department that is competitive and produce quality graduates every year to compete in the job market. Concentrations of Shariah and Economic Department of Economic Comparison between conventional and Islamic Economics, the department has carried out various research activities, workshops, seminars and discussion of Islamic Economics to meet an increasingly challenge.


  1. Producing the highest quality of Islamic Economic scholars in the fields of Islamic Economics.

  2. Producing highest quality of research in Islamic Economics for the purpose of knowledge enhancement for community development.

  3. Encourage scholarly discussion and polemics to create a network and advanced network of Islamic Intellectuals in the national and international levels.

  4. Produce quality publications in the field of Islamic Economics accepted at national and international levels.
Last Update: June 08, 2017