Dr faisal @ ahmad faisal abdul hamid
Welcoming Message

Selamat Datang, Welcome to the Department of History and Islamic Civilization (JSTI) web site, we would like to thank you and welcome your visit to the department as a gateway to Islamic History and Civilization.

JSTI in one of the departments under APIUM. It is an an institution that provides opportunities for research, teaching, publications and services related to the field of Islamic History and Civilization. JSTI is determined to be an institution that is able to contribute to academic excellence and to the mutual benefit to communities in general. Me, my fellow lecturers, administrative officers and JSTI students would like to invite all to sit with us and to contribute to the excellence of Islamic Civilization.

Finally, I would like to invite everyone to utilise the information from this website. I really hope that this website will be able to provide positive information to all of us, to achieve excellence in the field of Islamic History and Civilization by interacting and exchanging information.

With all best wishes.

Head Department of Islamic History and Civilization


JSTI has underlined the vision and mission corresponding to the vision and mission of the Academy of Islamic Studies and the University of Malaya in becoming a center of excellence in teaching, learning, research and publication.

JSTI has competent academic staff, SLAB/SLAI fellows and adequate administrative staff to achieve the vision and goals mention above. Currently we have an Associate Professor, four senior lecturers, three lecturers, two SLAB/SLAI fellows, a consultant and an administrative staff in JSTI. Additionally, there is a numbers of postgraduate students who come from all over the world registered under JSTI.

JSTI has numeraus achievements either at national or international levels.This includes achievement of its academic staff and students in the academics field. Hence this has improved the image of JSTI as one of the most active and competetive departments in APIUM.


  1. To produce graduates whoa re competent in knowledge and sources of Islamic History and Civilization as well as able to analyze an relate it to contemporary issues.

  2. To porduce excellent graduate who are equipped with skill od leadership intergration efficient in their career and socialiazible within community. 

  3. To produce graduate who are able to apply long life learning thru conducting researches especially in field of Islamic History and Civilization.