KJ dakwah & pembangunan insan

Welcoming Message

The Department of Dakwah and Human Development is positioned within the Usuluddin Studies Programme at Academy of Islamic Studies, University Malaya. The department started its first academic session in the year of 1996 and 1997, and is based on Islamic and da’wah knowledge. With its theoretical and practical courses, the department hopes to bring forth students who are qualified and competent in delivering da’wah services to the communities they serve.

Head Department of Dakwah and Human Development



The Department of Dakwah and Human Development (DDSD) is a department under the Usuluddin division. Its establishment came hand in hand with the completion of the Academy of Islamic Studies complex in 1996. This Department received its first student in 1997. Starting with one lecturer, now the DDSD has six lecturers. It has its facilities in Block A, Level 4 in the west wing of the building.


  1. To produce student who possess da’wah and human development knowledge in meeting the needs of today's society.

  2. To bring forth students who have knowledge and skills in developing da’wah programmes.

  3. To support students with the ability in providing appropriate services through various da’wah activities.

  4. To develop students’ character, behavior, self-esteem, ethics, moral and spiritual valuesโ€‹โ€‹ so that they can be accountable for their work and knowledge.

  5. To build da’wah and human development networks at national and international level. 

  6. To provide human capital expertise and consultation through quality researches.

  7. To be able to produce a quality source of knowledge for the profession needs.

  8. To develop students who can become entrepreneur da’ies.
Last Update: June 08, 2017